Suzie helped me during my pregnancy and delivery. I chose to work with her because all the appointments were face to face at our home and I really liked her Ayurvedic approach.

She is very knowledgeable and gave me and my husband so much tips and advice to prepare this baby the best we could.
She had an answer for everything and when she wouldn’t, she would do her research and give us a feedback. She helped me a lot during the delivery and having her, along with my husband, was a great support. She was also a great support for my husband.
I’m so happy I worked with her and probably would do it again for another baby. I also highly recommend her.

~ Sophie

Suzie supported me post birth of my first baby and was fantastic – not only she helped us started with the new activities for our new family (bathing, swaddling, etc) but also helped around home even if its changing the bedsheets!

Most importantly, she has a lot of knowledge of other resources and people who can help whether that is for a sling library, osteopath, breastfeeding or anything else, she will find a way to help! I really liked her herbal medicine advice and appreciated some of the herbs she brought. Neck massages were life-saving!

~ Sandra

Having Suzie as our postnatal doula helped us so much. Suzie is a kind and knowledgeable doula. She have supported me not only in person but also virtually, was always happy to help and able to signpost me where necessary. Having Suzie around meant everything! We are very pleased that she was recommended to us and would one hundred percent recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much Suzie.

~ Agnes

My husband works long hours, so I’m often by myself with the baby. As it’s my first baby I really don’t have a clue what I’m doing and each day, as the witching hour approached (make that witching evening!) I would be filled with dread. Step forward the fabulous Suzie to save the day!

Suzie would come round for a few evenings each week to help out and to give this frazzled new mum a much needed break. The little guy loved his evening playtime with suzie, plus she even managed to work her magic and put him down for a much needed and often overdue nap. Meanwhile I could catch-up on admin, work emails, self care etc.

Not only that, suzie would help out around the house to make life a little bit less chaotic. Tidying the kitchen, sorting the laundry – she also would prep lots of healthy and nutritious meals for me so I could stop relying on Deliveroo (she’s a great cook by the way!)

Suzie’s help and support has been invaluable over those early weeks. From looking after the baby, helping around the house, cooking and providing much needed guidance and advice on sleeping and feeding – she’s a doula who can do it all!

~ Ally

Suzie came to see me because my baby is breached. Her session with me was amazing- informative, thorough, considerate and empathetic. All the communication in the lead up to the consultation and after has been so helpful and supportive. So glad Suzie was recommended to me.I would highly recommend Suzie, whether you’re a first time mommy or second time mom like myself. Working in partnership with Suzie has really prepared me this time round in terms of knowing my birth rights, listening and respecting my body and actually feeling empowered when it comes to birth. Thank you Suzie x

~ Laura