Whole Mama Village

An in-person antenatal course like no other.

Nice to meet you, Mama!

Welcome to the Whole Mama Village...

Whole Mama Village is a community of local like-minded women learning to nurture their minds, bodies & spirits for a healthy pregnancy, confident birth & smooth postpartum experience while creating meaningful friendships along the way.

Suzie, a Naturopath and experienced Birth Worker, has poured years of knowledge and experience into creating a one-of-a-kind, in-person antenatal course just for you. Most antenatal courses focus on birth plans and learning how your body works during childbirth. A Hypnobirthing class might spend a bit of time on your mindset. Whole Mama Village is so much more than that. We prepare your entire mind, body and spirit for birth and hold you as you enter your journey into motherhood.

Meet Suzie

Suzie Kamau

Founder | Naturopathic doula


Suzie's mission is to support as many women as possible into motherhood with her unique holistic birth preparation method - bridging the gaps left by traditional antenatal classes.

As a mother herself, Suzie combines her own personal experiences with over a decade of practice in her field. She is an active Doula, Naturopath, Ayurvedic Postpartum Care Specialist, and Sound Meditation Practitioner, bringing a wealth of expertise into the Whole Mama Village.

In Whole Mama Village course you will....

Form Lasting Connections

Pregnancy can sometimes feel isolating, and it can be challenging to find a supportive group of women who truly understand the highs and lows.

Discover comfort in our supportive community, where we share experiences & wisdom, find validation & understanding, & build long-lasting connections.

Prepare Your Mind

Pregnancy brings a flood of information that can quickly become overwhelming and as a busy mama, endless searching can be exhausting.

Prepare for birth & postpartum with confidence & calmness. Transition your mindset from uncertainty to resilience, embracing the journey with a clear & focused mind.

Strengthen Your Body

Everyone hopes for a smooth and straightforward birth. You've bought books and considered Hypnobirthing, but may be wondering what else you can do to prepare. 

Learn how to best nourish yourself and your baby, while understanding how to balance & align your body for a smoother birth & faster postpartum recovery.

Connect With Your Spirit

Pregnancy is a sacred time filled with self-discovery and emotional development. It’s a time  to appreciate the beauty of creation.

Embark on a spiritual journey from maiden to mother. Relax, let go, and celebrate your unique journey, connecting with natural remedies, sound, meditations and your baby.

Whole Mama Village is for you if....

  • You want a supportive community of like-minded mamas-to-be, to share your journey and offer understanding and support.
  • You dream of finding one place to access reliable information from a host of expert birth workers helping you to navigate the overwhelming details of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.
  • You want to explore a holistic approach to birth preparation that goes beyond the basics of standard antenatal and Hypnobirthing courses.
  • You want to prepare every aspect of yourself - mind, body, and spirit - for the journey of pregnancy, birth, and the fourth trimester. You are ready for continuous support, from pregnancy through the beautiful journey of motherhood.

In the Whole Mama Village antenatal course, you will get...

  • In-person Course
  • On-demand Course
  • Hynobirthing Course
  • Exclusive Community Access 

Hybrid Course

Immerse yourself in our 6-week hybrid course - 3 will be held  in-person and 3 will online live. All sessions will be interactive, practical, educational and fun. In-person sessions will take place at OmBeing, a beautiful and welcoming space in the heart of Hackney. 

What you can expect:

  • Enjoy 2-hour weekly practical and interactive sessions 
  • Gain valuable skills to prepare your mind, body, and spirit for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.
  • Attend in-person classes with Joanna, our experienced Pelvic Health Physio, and Suzie who will give you all the knowledge you need to support your pelvic floor well-being.
  • Extra time at the end of each session to relax, chat with other mamas, and enjoy a cup of tea.


What makes our course different...

Session 01 - Nourish

Learn how to best nourish yourself though pregnancy, nursing and postpartum in a way that isn’t complicated or overwhelming.

Session 02 - Balance & Align

Discover daily and weekly exercises to create balance and align your body, supporting you during labor and preparing you for an optimal birth.

Session 03 - Release & Restore

Prepare your pelvic floor for childbirth and beyond with targeted exercises and professional guidance. 

Session 04 - Connect With Nature

Uncover how essential oils and herbal remedies can support you during pregnancy and childbirth though practical sessions. 

Session 05 - The  Powerful Mind

Unleash the power of your mindset through visualisation and meditation, journalling and ceremony.  Let go of anxieties and apprehensions about birth and welcome calmness and confidence.

Session 06 - The Fourth Trimester

We'll thoroughly prepare you for the postpartum period by providing essential tips and tricks, guidance, and practical tools to navigate this beautiful yet challenging time.

PLUS: Mediations, Affirmations & Yoga Nidra

Indulge in daily doses of Zen with specially curated online meditations, affirmations, and Yoga Nidras.

BONUS:  On-demand session - Latching Love 

Lifetime access to an On-demand comprehensive Breastfeeding course that will serve you well both before and after your baby is born. 

As a member of Whole Mama Village, you will join a community of expert birth workers and fellow mamas. 

Together, we will hold, support, and nourish you throughout your entire pregnancy journey and into the postpartum period.

In Whole Mama Village you will receive...

  • 6 weeks in-person course (worth £540)
  • 1 year access to The Whole Mama Method online curriculum (worth £650) 
  • Monthly in-person sound bath meditations & guest speaker gathering (worth £390)
  • Practical worksheets and cheat sheets to download & keep (worth £50)
  • Recorded meditations, affirmations and Yoga Nidras (worth £50)
  • Access to our online community (worth £120)
  • 1 year Postpartum Alumni membership including access to monthly sound baths (worth £720) 
  • Bonus online Breastfeeding course (worth £65)
Total Value : £2,585


Join the Whole Mama Village today for just...

What people are saying about Suzie...

Laurn Hill/ 

First-Time Mama

"Working with Suzie was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She brings a wealth of experience that will transform your pregnancy and birth experience, and she will tailor her knowledge to your needs and wishes. I cannot recommend her highly enough."


Second-Time mama

"Suzie is such a beacon of light for women and especially mothers. One who really stands with us on our various journey into motherhood. 

From the moment we first connected she supported me with so much more than "just" her offerings. Accommodating all I was ready to receive and always opening her heart to what I was ready to let go of. 

Thank you so much for your presence!"


Is this course suitable for first-time mums?

Yes, absolutely! The Whole Mama Method is specifically designed for first-time mums. We offer comprehensive guidance and practical skills to help you to navigate pregnancy, childbirth, and early motherhood. You'll gain knowledge, support, and confidence as you move through your amazing journey into parenthood.

How long do I have access to the online course material?

You will have access to the course material for a full 12 months, allowing you to revisit and review the content whenever you like during that period. Additionally, the bonus breastfeeding course will be yours for life, as we want to make sure that you have ongoing support and resources for not only this pregnancy but the next. 

I would love to come but I live too far away. Can I still join without attending the in person sessions?

We would love to have you join The Whole Mama Collective, even if you are unable to attend the in-person sessions due to distance. While the in-person sessions are often the magic happens, we completely understand the limitations of distance. If you're interested in being part of the program, please get in touch, and we can explore alternative options to accommodate your situation and ensure you can still benefit from the program.

Can I benefit from this course if I have already given birth?

Absolutely! You can benefit from this course even if you have already given birth. It is open to all mums, whether it's their first, second, or even fifth time. Suzie's holistic approach has proven to be effective for mamas who have given birth before and who are seeking a better birth experience this time around. Your wisdom will be invaluable to the group, and we welcome you, mama!

I'm planning a C-section, will this course still be useful?

For sure! This course will still be valuable for you, even if you are planning a C-section. The program goes beyond the specific method of birth and focuses on supporting you throughout your pregnancy, into the fourth trimester and beyond. Our mission is to ensure that you feel supported, prepared, and empowered mentally, physically, and emotionally throughout your entire journey, regardless of your choice of birth. All types of birth matter, The Whole Mama Collective wants you to have a positive and fulfilling experience.