Naturopathic & Ayurvedic Postpartum Care

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve spent hours practicing your breathing exercises, weighed the pros and cons of delayed cord clamping, and even written a three-page birth plan ready for the big day. Job done? Not quite…

Transitioning into life as a new parent is something that shapes your future like nothing else. Sleeping, eating, even just getting dressed comes with a little person who now constantly needs you in more ways than anyone can ever imagine. How can you ever prepare yourself for this lifetime of devotion when you had to give everything just to get through the 9 months leading up to it?

There’s a solution out there, waiting to connect with you…

In Ayurveda, the 42 days after giving birth are known as the ‘Sacred Postpartum Window’. It’s a time in your life where you rest, recover and heal from the marathon you’ve run up to this point. The problem is finding someone you can lean on when you need to, which is why I am always honoured to be that person for you and your loved ones. Please see below how I can help you during your Sacred Window.


Your Nourishment

Your Nourishment

There’s always lots of focus on prenatal nutrition, but what we eat after delivery helps us muster up the energy for the weeks of sleepless nights ahead. Caring for a newborn, physical recovery, and breastfeeding are not things you can do without the right energy in your mind and body. 

This is why all of my postpartum packages include a carefully selected menu created to help replenish your energy levels the natural way. They’ll create balance and avoid postnatal depletion in body and mind, giving you have the flexibility you need. Whether you want one nourishing home cooked meal a day, or all three meals for the day, it’s always up to you. Snacks and drinks are provided too so you never have to worry about a thing. 

Your Natural Balance

Your Natural Balance

Maintaining your inner balance the natural way has never mattered more than right now. You have demands placed on you that few out there will ever understand, which is why we need to reconnect your body with the natural world as soon as possible. With a combination of Western and Ayurvedic herbs that support lactation and postpartum recovery, we’ll craft a personal care package that’s all about rebalancing and realigning the inner you. I can even add in other natural remedies as your journey unfolds so you always stay on the path you so richly deserve. 

Body Work

Your Release

You deserve the chance to release your inner tension, repair your frayed nerves and make a little more time for you. I know how it feels to suddenly be thrust into a space where you feel like you can’t let yourself go and be free, which is why I now offer Abhyanga massage. This is your personal release that lets you escape the here and now for a moment and recapture balance in your life. 

I can also reach out and help you release with help from:

  • Traditional Belly Binding
  • Herbal Baths or Sitz Baths
  • Self-Abhyanga
Your Mental Wellbeing

Your Mental wellbeing

Your body is recovering from one of the biggest challenges it will ever face, and you’re also faced with a precious new life who demands more from you than anyone told you about. Your hormones, energy levels and bodily cycles are all out of synch with one another as you pray for sleep. The thing that keeps you going is your mental wellbeing and sense of inner purpose. I know it’s easier said than done, which is why I offer exclusive options that make sure you always have someone to turn to when you need to. 

Your typical day

Following our initial discovery call I we will schedule a face to face in-house consultation where we will go through step-by-step  you and your families needs and requirements. Based on this I will intuitively prepare a bespoke postpartum offering that matches your requirements. Your typical day could look like something like below. 

Each 2.5 hour visit may include:

~ Daily check-in and assessment of you and baby’s wellbeing including appetite, digestion, elimination, rest and mood

~ Freshly prepared nutritious postpartum meals  or snack (1 per visit)

~ Traditional belly binding to help you support your core and feel held from the outside in

~ Time to relax & reflect be it soaking in a herbal baths or quiet time for guided mediation

~ Holistic breastfeeding or bottle feeding support

~ Opportunity for us to visit body work

~ Baby Ayurvedic massage

~ Allocate time for a well deserved nap or for self-massage.

Postpartum Packages

Different Packages to Suit Your Individual Needs

I understand that each woman, birthing person and family have their own specific needs and budgets. With this in mind I have carefully created a choice of packages ranging from an adhoc visit to the full 41 days Sacred Postpartum Window support. Each package can include all 4 of the above offering or just the one. The choice is yours.



  • 1 week in-house immediate postpartum care
  • 3-4 visits that week, 2.5 hour visits

£375 - £500



  • 3 week in-house postpartum care
  • 6-12 visits that week
  •  2.5 hour visits

£750 - £1500



  • 6 week (full 41 days) in-house postpartum care
  • 18-24 visits that week
  •  2.5 hour visit

Call to discuss



  • Traditional postpartum care includes a snack, time for you to rest and opportunity to ask questions

£125 a day (4 hours)



This beautiful three week package is carefully created to nourish & support you through the first precious weeks after birth. Also perfect as top-up support for when your partner returns to work.

Week 1 : 3 visits

Week 2 : 2 visits

Week 3 : 1 visit

£750 (15 hours)



Immerse yourself in the full sacred postpartum window experience. For a period of 42 days following the birth of your baby you will be honoured & held through my beautiful offerings.

Week 1 : 4 visits

Week 2 :  3 visits

Week 3 & 4 : 2 visit

Week 5 & 6 : 1 Visit

£1500 (33 hours)



Sometimes you just need some extra pair of hands. Ad-hoc Ayurvedic postpartum care sessions can be booked in with me. Min 2 hours a session.

£50 p/h


Please feel free to call to discuss options and variations to your postpartum packages. Each package is bespoke so price can vary depending on what level of support you require for your Sacred Postpartum Window. I am always happy to chat.

Maiden -to-Mother Ceremony

The transition you are about to make from Maiden to Mother is one of the greatest and most transformative experiences in your life, it’s one that deserves to be honoured and shown reverence.