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Nutrition ~ Herbal Medicine ~  Ayurveda ~ Body Work ~ Sound

Understanding the foundation of movement allows for a safe practice.

Welcome to Your Journey

Thank you for taking the time and directing the energy needed to reach out, I can’t tell you what an inspiring step you’ve just taken! By working together in perfect harmony so you get everything you need, we’ll welcome a treasured new life into the world. Along the way there may be turns and challenges, but we’ll navigate them at your pace so you always feel in control. When you’re ready to connect on a deeper level and talk through your needs, I’m right here. 

Our Services

Birth Services

Focuses on the heart chakra or energy center located in the chest. It aims to help individuals connect with their emotions, cultivate self-love and compassion, and open their hearts to others.

Postpartum Care

Focuses on developing mental strength, concentration, and control. This type of yoga aims to help individuals overcome mental obstacles and achieve a state of inner peace and calmness.


Focuses on physical postures or asanas. This type of yoga aims to help individuals improve their physical health, strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Walking with you through pregnancy, birth & beyond

Nutrition ~ Herbal Medicine ~ Body Work ~ Mental Wellbeing


Laurn Hill / 

First-Time mama

Working with Suzie was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She brings a wealth of experience that will transform your pregnancy and birth experience, and she will tailor her knowledge to your needs and wishes. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Paul jones/

second-time mama

"Suzie is such a beacon of light for women and especially mothers. One who really stands with us on our various journey into motherhood. 

From the moment we first connected she supported me with so much more than "just" her offerings. Accommodating all I was ready to receive and always opening her heart to what I was ready to let go of. 

Thank you so much for your presence!"


Meet Suzie

Suzie Kamau




Postpartum Care Specilaist